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The Angel Next Door MAG

By Anonymous

Marva Speed-Copeland is a woman of strengthand compassion who goes out of her way to help others. When my life tooka bad turn freshman year, she set me straight. I wasn't out of control,but I hung out with a crowd that skipped school and got bad grades. Shedid everything in her power to help me get back on track. She tutored meweeknights, sometimes even missing giving her children a bath or tuckingthem in. In addition, she would visit my school and talk to my teachersto see what else she could do to help.

If I needed someone totalk to, she always listened. She always puts others' feelings and needsabove hers. Even if she doesn't know the answer, she gives her opinion,which is the best advice possible. I trust her.

Marva is one ofmy best friends. I can tell her anything and everything. I live twohouses from her, and go over to see her children when my homework isdone. People remember her warmth and compassion and always say excellentthings about her. Once you meet her, a part of her is with you. I knewshe was someone special. I never suspected, though, that she would bethe guardian angel God had sent to watch over me.

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i love this so much!