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Our World

December 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Everyone shares the world we live in. So, in that case, everyone needs to help protect it. Everyone, no matter what they may say, is responsible for our world.

Citizens of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia; we all live in the same world. We all share the oceans and the forests, the cities and the countryside, and the air we breathe. Because we all share this vast, beautiful, and majestic planet, it is vital to our well-being to protect and do everything we can not to harm it in any way. If we harm the Earth by polluting, for example, we are just hurting ourselves because we will have to live with this destruction every day, whether it be contamination of our drinking water that could make us sick or global warming, which affects every living thing on this planet.

Some, especially those ignorant to the damage they do to our planet by polluting, say they are an exception to this world-wide rule; that protecting the Earth is not their job or it is unimportant to them. That way of thinking, in my opinion, is very wrong. Everyone needs to help protect the world because then, and only then, will the Earth truly be all that it can be.

It is my strong belief also that one person can change the world. It only takes one person to be a catalyst to the Earth’s growth, but, then again, it only takes one person to hinder the Earth’s growth because everyone lives by the examples set by those they believe are wiser than they. In that case, it is very important to be a role model by setting a good example.

There are many ways to help out our world. One can recycle newspapers or even pick up a piece of trash on the ground. These very simple things which take virtually no time to do can help the world so much. One can also help by not littering. It is so easy to throw something in a trash can, or, for example, keep a candy wrapper in a pocket until you can find a trash can. If everyone in the world would just help out every now and then in these simple but effective ways, like recycling, just imagine the good it would do to our planet.

In conclusion, since we all live on the same planet, it is necessary for us to help it stay as beautiful as it is today. There are so many reasons why we should help the world, including the fact that if we hurt the world it is just our loss. There are also many easy ways to help the world live up to its potential, including recycling and not littering. So pick up that piece of trash on the ground, the Earth and I will be thankful.

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