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December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

This I Believe

“Music is three chords and the truth!” Music expresses your feeling by the words and rhythm! I believe that everyone needs music. I don’t think anyone would have away to express themselves without music.
Going to a funeral the music expresses mostly everyone's feelings. When you go to a funeral every one emotion is probably going to be sad. In my case yes and the music expressed the way I felt even more. At funerals the emotions sad right?; Well they don’t play “The Sky’s the Limit” by Lil Wayne do they? They play such things like “go rest high on that mountain” by Vince Gill. Music makes the emotion. When you go to a funeral you’re not happy you’re sad. Don’t act like you don’t feel nothing because every individual person feels something, maybe not at that moment but when they start playing the music that’s when I start to feel something.
Why you feel the way you feel at a Concert. Going to a concert your probably happy, excited, and can’t wait to get there. Not down and wanting to cry sort of emotion. When I want to have fun or just wanting to listen to some music, I listen to my “usual” music. I’m on my way to a concert my emotions just spill of eagerness, and happiness, because concerts are so fun to go to! Concerts are mainly fun, because you go to concerts where there’s music you like not music you hate! So mainly concert emotion equals happy because the kind of music’s there. Concerts are express by what the singer/song writer is thinking about at that time. There are so many songs about different feelings because not every one feels the same thing. You feel what you feel by the way you live and what’s going on in life.
Expressing how music affects me and my feelings and emotions. One day while listening to a song that’s was my papaws favorite song. Just then the words hit my! My emotions spill. Knowing that he’s not here and how I won’t get his hugs no more just touched me! According to the words and what kind of song it is, is how music expresses what you feel! I believe that every one needs music. Just for the way it makes every one think about things twice. Music is used to express each others feelings. Also when you’re in the mood and you can’t express your feelings let music guide you to what your feelings. Music is a wonderful thing just using it is the hard part. I Listen to a variety of popular or known songs and analyze the thoughts, images, and feelings by the music and the lyrics. Hold a debate on an issue arising from discussions about the thoughts, images, and feelings evoked by the music. Let music in except it there’s different kinds pick a couple it will express you! Use music for the best!

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