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August 4, 2010
By Kawa Yoon BRONZE, Seoul, Other
Kawa Yoon BRONZE, Seoul, Other
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Modern society is fiiled with commercials and advertisements that lure the customers to buy their products. It is often said that majority of the advertisements only show the realistic aspects of the goods, as people are getting clever to distinguish the lie and the truth. However, I believe that advertisements allow people to think that product is the best by two methods: image advertisements and lopsided statement.

To begin with, the company exploits the consumers' desires of showing off. It is obvious that today's fashion symbolizes certain image, and people wish to send out a specific message through their appearance. Via many advertisements on the media such as television and the Internet, people are constantly exposed to pictures with unrealistically beautiful people representing specific icons. Hence, people are brainwashed to believe that appearance is crucial in expressing identity and waste their money on buying unattainable image. For example, there was a suit commercial on TV, where ten male CEOs(chief executive officers) appeared and spoke greatly of their suits, as if those suits might have led them to success. The viewers were supposed to subconsciously match the suit with positive images such as confidence, trust, leadership and charisma. This result was amazing in that the suit company had pooled in a great amount of profit through the commercial. Had it not been for successful CEOs, the suit have not been able to sell that well. This shows that advertisements indicate desirable image to foster people to purchase the product.

In addtion, the advertisement emphasizes only the positive aspects of the product. This is an inevitable fact that revealing the negative side of the goods definiltely causes the decrease in the sales and profits. Thus, commercial producers usually hide the weakness and exaggerate fascinating property of the item. For instance, I saw a TV commercials about diet lotion. It kept saying that just by rubbing the lotion on the skin for a month, I can have gorgeous body line as a perfect looking size 0 model. I was so enthralled that I bought it right away. Since I applied this lotion, my skin has beem itchy all the time and broken out in a rash. I was so furious and mad at the company and made a phone call. Unfortuantely, what I heard from them was there is warning statement in a tiny little letters, so they do not hold any responsibility. Also, they claimed that it is all my fault that I was not prudent so they did not give me any compensation. This implies that commercials only display attractive part of the items to make people think that product positively.

To sum up, I firmly believe that the advertisements delineate the products more that what they really are by reflecting good images and exaggerate the strengths. All in all, to be a clever consumer, we should not trust all information in the ads.

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