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October 2, 2007
By Anonymous

War…even the thought of war brings fear in the minds of people. To those who have witnessed any kind of war, even the thought of reliving that scene terrifies them to no extent. War causes pain and other feelings that distress mankind. During war innumerable innocent people let go of their lives, thousands of buildings are destroyed in not more than a second, poverty and sadness prevail. In fact, people would rather die than have to be a spectator of this tragedy. Later, the naïve public is either taken as prisoners of war or is forced to live in a hunger stricken and economically poor country. The simple solution to all this is just not to have warfare in the first place, and save mankind by peaceful means.

War is but another name for murder. After war, many have to put up with a broken arm or foot for the rest of their lives. People suffer…suffer a lot. Homeless and hungry citizens wandering about, not being able to make head or tail of their lives is a common sight. Orphans crying for the love and comfort of a parent are left unattended. Suddenly, people who thought they had no worry in the world lose someone dear and in a jiffy their life is ruined. A wife loses her husband, a mother her child, a sister her brother and god knows how many more such disastrous deaths occur. The sick and injured have no one to tend to their wounds, both physical and emotional. They beg, and live from hand to mouth. Warriors die a painful death, and those who survive lead a miserable life. At the blink of an eyelid their lives are shattered.

Financial capital is a very essential and well utilized resource at such a crucial time. During war, money flows out of the national bank like water flowing out of a river, and the end result is that the country faces an economical crisis. Money is wasted on guns and firearms, and as a result the poor, underprivileged, homeless, handicapped, senior citizens and others who have the urgent need for money are left to fend for themselves. There is no food. People wear bare minimum clothing. The only warmth they get is from the comforting words spoken to them. Without the bare necessities how is a person expected to survive??? Children starve to death. The money that can be used to lessen sorrow is instead being liberally wasted either on preparing to attack, or repairing what has already been attacked. During war, money is valued tremendously.

War forces shopkeepers to go out of business and shut down their shops. Banks and offices close, and all mediums of earning money fade away, like the lives of those people who decide to stand up against injustice and prove their loyalty to their country. With the roads obliterated, automobiles are worthless, but with such a severe catastrophe to deal with no one has the time or money to buy them. There is bloodshed everywhere, and trust is a word people no longer remember or believe in. They are no more what they used to be. War has made them fierce and violent.

War is indeed very dangerous. The root cause of war is majority of the times, because one country wants to prove its superiority over the other or it hopes to seek revenge by torturing the citizens of the divergent country. War only causes redundant anxiety, no pleasure. Why can’t these skirmishing countries sort out their differences in a peaceful manner rather than endangering their inhabitants with an impulsive decision, later regretted? The straightforward solution to this grave problem is to simply stop war or even better prevent it, thus facilitating the progress of man, preventing the loss of lives, retaining financial security and maintaining our dignity, by relishing friendly relations with our neighbouring nations. For the betterment of all, let us do our part in putting an end to this merciless killer…war.

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