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By AlyssaFama SILVER
Kunkletown, Pennsylvania
AlyssaFama SILVER, Kunkletown, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Most people want to be the sun that brightens your day. I'd rather be the moon that shines down on you in your darkest hour.

By BlondeButBright BRONZE
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
BlondeButBright BRONZE, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
Dr. Suess- Go ahead and do what you want because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

By ForeverKing
Clarksville, Tennessee
ForeverKing, Clarksville, Tennessee
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By devikaarora GOLD
New Delhi, Hawaii
devikaarora GOLD, New Delhi, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
Dont tell me sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon !

By leeanniebananie
Indianapolis, Indiana
leeanniebananie, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"It is process that matters. Not money or recognition. Not even publication. A real writer keeps writing because he loves the process. He loves writing itself: what it teaches him about himself, the way it takes him away from the real world into one of his own making. He works, keeps working, because he loves his work--even though what he’trying to do often seems impossible."

GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"There are three kinds of people who run toward disaster, not away: cops, firemen and reporters." -- Rod Dreher

By Kayle78
Alhambra, Illinois
Kayle78, Alhambra, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Smile every minute of the day. You never know who is falling in love with it."

missunshine93, Ottawa, Other
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Favorite Quote:
" Don't Be Afraid to Succeed"

By Ruthanda BRONZE
North Tonawanda, New York
Ruthanda BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

By cassidywatson BRONZE
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
cassidywatson BRONZE, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
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By Anonymous
By BelleMoi BRONZE
Bel Air, Maryland
BelleMoi BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
I have two personal favorite quotes.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game- A Cinderella Story
Passion is passion, it's the excitement that fills the tedious spaces. And it' doesn't matter where it's directed- Dear John

By allstarnative BRONZE
Fraser, Michigan
allstarnative BRONZE, Fraser, Michigan
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By ani70
Lexington, Massachusetts
ani70, Lexington, Massachusetts
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