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December 27, 2010
By aketadesai, Glendale Heights, Illinois
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aketadesai, Glendale Heights, Illinois
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Choose your own destiny don't let someone change your destiny. You are the master of your own faith. You make or break yourself.

Life is a game. Play it right and maybe you will win one day. Just never give up hope. You could always go after your dreams no matter who you are. Sometimes going after your dream could sometimes be your life- long dream. Maybe if you don’t go after your dreams then maybe it will kill your life-long dream. Sometimes families are not going to help you reach your dream. But families are always going to be there for you if your dreams don’t come true. Dreams will not come true all the time but families will; at the end even you do not believe it. I have dreams too but not sure I could come through with them. My family always is encouraging and telling me to go after my dreams. I don’t have a father. So, of you out there that think I have everything well that’s not true. I live without a father so I have a lot of responsibility but I still go after my dreams. So what if I have a lot to do in my life. So what if I don’t have the three most important people in my life with me but I always know that they are in my heart. I know one they will be with me. I also know they want me go after my dreams. The three important people in my life are; my older brother, my cousin, and my baby cousin. I don’t live with them. My parents are divorce. My mother is a single parent but always gives me what I want and need. We are not rich but we are not poor. I am rich with love. I have my uncles’ love. My uncles are like my fathers they look after me, and they protect this baby from what will happen to it. I could never ask for more than that.

Life is like a mystery that is hard to solve. Each step anyone takes brings new surprises. Sometimes those are great surprises. For example you found the love of your life that now obviously would be a good surprise. On the other hand if someone close to you left you that would be a bad surprise. Sometimes that mystery brings you closer to your dream or sometimes further. Either way it would be boring to have a life without a mystery. Even though some of you might think your lives are boring but actually they are anything but boring. Our lives are interesting. My life is never boring because I know that if was too mysterious and a surprise came up every second of my life I would get bored and tired. I am happy with my life. You should be too because no matter how bad your life is, it will get better if you believe and hope. Even gang members lives could get better all you have to do is believe in yourself . Or if something terrible happened, close your eyes and think of all the good times in your lives. Or the people you love the most in your life and remember the best moments with them, and you automatically feel less stressed or sad.

Life is also full of love. Some of you might not feel loved but you are very much loved. I know I am very much loved by my friends and family. Like I told you before, my family is not rich but I know I am rich with love. You are loved too. Life is nothing without love. You may have all the expensive items in the world but without love your life is nothing. Do not get me wrong your maybe a successful business person with all the money in the world but is it worth having all this money without love. Your parents love you to death but you are in such a hurry to move out when you are older. At least most of you are in a hurry to move out when you are old enough but it will hurt your parents a lot when you do, they will not say anything because they love you to death. Most of us barely appreciate what our parents do for us. I also do not sometimes appreciate what my family does for me. My mother is a single parent but she gives me all the love in the world. My uncles give me whatever I want but they also give me tons of love. That is all I need in order to live happily; Love.

Life is beautiful. When I wake up in the morning on a day that I do not have school, I take my coffee and look outside. I see a world that is beautiful and calm. I see a world that is full of love. Sometimes the world you see from your eyes is great. I know the world is not so great in real life. Sometimes just imagining life like that makes it really easy to face the real world. The rain falls and it is beautiful. It feels like all your sorrow is falling from the sky and is falling to the ground and is gone. I know that day today nobody has time look at these small objects. But these small objects make the world beautiful. I feel calm whenever I look outside the window with my coffee. I feel like I could face the day calmly. All my anger washes away. I know of some of you might think this is thoughtless but close your eyes and put your hand on your heart and ask your heart what it wants. I know your heart wants to be loved and to rest. I know sometimes you are scared that if you do that it will just say it is sad or hurts. But ask your heart how it feels about this world. I know you might think that your heart will say it’s a bad and harmful world but you will be surprised what your heart will say. Life is beautiful.

Life is full of happiness. If you may think you are not happy. Think about others that are less fortunate than you. They may not have everything but they are happy. I do not have everything in the world and I am not rich. But do you want to know something I am happier than anyone in this world. I am the happiest because I am truly much loved. Love is what gives me happiness. When you see other people happier than you do not be jealous but smile. Smile because you know at least someone is happy. Someone is living their life to the fullest. Living your life to the fullest means being happy in any circumstance you are in. Happiness means being happy for others. I live my life to the fullest even if I am not that fortunate. Yes I am more fortunate than others but still am not fortunate as others. You may think that I am saying this because I want to but this is all true. You may think you live to the fullest but your heart will probably is not happy. Just ask yourself one day if you are really happy in your heart.

Life is made up of belief. It doesn’t matter what you believe and it does not even matter if you believe in god or not. You just have to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself the world will believe in you. Sometimes believing in yourself is all it takes to face the world. You should also believe in others. Sometimes when you believe in others they could help you face the world. It’s good to not have to face the world by yourself at points. Having someone your side makes this world look easier to face and more beautiful to face. You should not lose belief in yourself or others. If you lose hope in yourself and others or just in others I am sorry but that life is not worth living.

Life is full of adventure. You are on an adventure all your life since the day you were born. Like from infant you go to toddler. When you are a toddler you learn to crawl. As a toddler you take your first steps and your parents take those first steps and make it a lasting memory. As you grow older you learn to ride a bicycle, run, skate, and so on. When you’re a teenager you study a lot, get a lot of freedom and sometimes you use it wisely. You get your first job, first paycheck, first car, and so on. You just found your first love; sometimes that love is lifelong or you get hurt and betrayed; you then learn from all of this and get stronger. All these experience makes you a great and unique person. When you become an adult you buy your first house and you get married, when you have children of your own. As a senior citizen you go into a nursing home or your children take care of you. This is life as an adventure.

Sorrow is another part of life. You cannot resist or stop. I have and still am going through sorrow. Some of you might not believe me but I am. Sorrow helps make you stronger as a person. Sometimes that stirs you to a better path or a worse one. You have the choice if you want to sorrow to make you or break you. Sorrow helps you appreciate life more. If you only had happiness in your life then, you would not appreciate life. As if you had sorrow in your life you would appreciate life because than you would have to work towards happiness. Happiness does not come to you. Sorrow can be bad when the pain is unbearable. Like if the love of your life breaks your heart. Now that pain is unbearable and hard to live. You might even want to die. But just stop one minute no matter what your sorrow is. Just stop one minute and close your eyes but do not do this if you are driving. Close your eyes and think about all the people in your life that love you and care about you very much; the people that are close to your heart and know how much it hurts them to see you in pain. When your pain believe it or not the people around you that are close to you are in pain. So smile through your pain and it will be really easy to face your sorrow. Your telling sorrow that hey no matter what you do I am always am going to be happy and strong for the people that love me the most in this world. So leave me alone sorrow. Soon your sorrow will leave you when it sees how happy you are.

A battle you might hear that there is a really bad war going on in the world but really your life is the worst war you ever fight. You fight war between happiness and sorrow every day. A battle that you may choose to win or lose I do not know that’s your to make decision. You can choose to be sad or happy. Your life is your decision. This battle is your decision. My family helps me fight this battle. But I made my decision to be happy and to tell sorrow it can’t do anything to me. Trust me you can win any battle if you win the battle of your life. Always make the decision to be happy.. Nobody could do anything to you. My decision helped me tons and it made me the person I am today. Win this battle. I have faith in you. You could do this.

Desire is a part of life that nobody can ignore because we all desire more than we get or we can have. Trust me even I do. Sometimes desire can be a good thing. Like when you desire to eat healthier or to help someone. Now those are good desires. But desires to hurt someone and do harm to them is a bad desire. Or the desire to hurt yourself. Sometimes even I desire things that I know are not good. But I will never actually act on them. The choice to act on a certain desire is yours. Whether you want to act on a good choice or a bad one that is up to you. I cannot make the decision for you and neither can anyone close to you like for instance your family. Yes we can give you advice but the decision is up to you at the end. To be happy or to be sad. To be the person your family believes in or to give up on their hopes. To make something of yourself or to be a loser and live off your parents. I know this decision hard to make but life is not easy or fair. You could chose to take the easy way out and do nothing with yourself. Or on the other hand you can choose to take the hard way make something of yourself. The desire is yours. To act on the desire is your own choice so try to make the right decision. I don’t know what the right decision is. Ask your heart it knows.

I would like to start off by acknowledging this book to the three most important people in my life Purav ; my brother, Nihit ;my cousin, Sushil ;my baby cousin. Without them I would never have learned this about life. Also, to my uncles Neel and Anand Sheth for teaching me so much about life and always being there for me through everything. They are always there to give me a hand when I need one. They encourage me and spoil me with love. I would also like to acknowledge this book to my mother a single parent who showered with love and gave me everything I needed and wanted. She always encouraged me to be who I am. To Ashley Patel who edited this book for me and encourages me to write. I wrote this book with everything I know and learned about life in my fifteen years. I am now a freshman in high school. I am very happy. I hope this book helps you make decisions in your life. I wrote this to help people not to offend people. I am sorry if offended anyone that reads this book. But I just hope the best for everyone out there and hope you make the right decision. My decision helped my life tremendously and I hope yours does too. My goal was to tell you what life is and how nice it is. Also, how precious life is and how we take it for granted. Sometimes when we take life for granted when its gone we miss it. We miss the people that were close to us. We lose ourselves. So, please don’t do that to the people that love you alot. Be happy and make them happy. Be sure all of you are happy.

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if it aint broke dont fix it.

im glad we can all spell here

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i know Riley jordan it does

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this sucks alot sorry

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What I say only comes straight from my mind, i do not judge. (a quote by me)

omg. itz wod-der-full!!!!!!!!!!!


Arpee said...
on Jan. 12 2011 at 9:37 pm
I really liked your book....good jobs Aketa sorry i by mistake clicked on vote i wasnt intented to....

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on Jan. 9 2011 at 12:40 pm
This book deverse to be in a magazine.:)