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It's a wonderful life

December 18, 2017
By cierra.gardner BRONZE, MACON, Georgia
cierra.gardner BRONZE, MACON, Georgia
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My thoughts buzzed around in my head like bumble bees on marigold rods and there was this darkness lingering over my head like a heavy rain cloud. It left my head so foggy. There was this constant regret of wasting my life away trying to forget all of the negative aspects of life instead of focusing on capturing the good times. My Grandmammy once told me “Life is like a camera if things don’t work out just take another shot.” Then I had a moment of clarity. All the giggles shared made every tear shed worth it. I was in control didn%26#39;t want my head to be in a fog or have a rain cloud over me all the time. It didn’t take an angel falling from the sky for me to realize that it’s a wonderful life.

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