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Summer Guide
#151voted by our readers
By Hannah O.
Freeport, ME

     I was the girl who woke up a whole hour before I had to leave forschool so I’d have plenty of time in front of the mirror. Boxes filled with tu...

#152 Summer Guide
By Nathaniel L.
Andover, MA
#153 Summer Guide
#154 Summer Guide
By David W.
Sedona, AZ
#155 Summer Guide
By Emilia C.
Chicago, IL
#156 Summer Guide
By Kathleen H.
Duxbury, MA
#157 Summer Guide
Untitled MAG
By Samantha C.
Mukwonago, WI
#158 Summer Guide
By Cecelia C.
Cohasset, MA
#159 Summer Guide
By Laura M.
Memphis, TN
#160 Summer Guide
Timboman13 BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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