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Living in the House

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The rare and addicting sitcom House does not come around to often. The television show House is probably the most thought through show on the air. Three great reasons why this show is outstanding is that it has a one of a kind character named House, its most original storyline, and its cast ability to play off one another. This show comes on fox on Tuesday nights at 9.
The word house explains it all. His character is one that has never been seen before. Most doctors are nice and care about you, well not house. His attitude towards everything is awful. He’s about the rudest person someone would ever meet. For example in one of the latest episodes his patient is sick and he blows off his patient for the CIA. Although most men like him for his ability to be a complete jerk and not think any thing of it, the women like him for his looks. The thing that wins most hearts is that House does what he wants, when he wants, no matter how sick the patient is, and could care less what someone thinks about him. At the end of his show he usually always cures his patients miraculously which is another high for him.
The story line for this show is pretty awesome. The show gets so involved with the patient but at the same time there are side conflicts. For example in an episode House had his guitar taken away by Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Wilson pretends that the guitar is like a ransom. The show always has you thinking about what will happen next and if House is ever going to cure the patient. The end of the show is always the best. Everything builds up like a snowball and the boom, there solved. It’s also great how you take an original setting, the hospital and turn all its medical terms, and jargon into something normal people can understand.
House isn’t the only amazing character in this sitcom. They all are. The House cast. They all connect to make a vibe. They seem to play off each other with out trying. Also they can take confusing medical terms and try to put them into normal terms. Recently Dr. House added a bunch of new members off his squad and is having a competition with them to see who will win the spot on his team. The new characters all have very unique personalities. This also makes the show pretty awesome is because they can add something new and make it good. So overall this is probably one of the best casts anyone has ever seen. Whether it’s the bold Dr. Forman or the intriguing Dr. Cuddy they all seem to make the show even better.
Most viewers have admitted that they are really “addicted” to House. I have yet to miss one of its new shows and have seen and loved every episode and if you watch, you would get hooked to. Whether it is the sitcoms most amazing character House, its unbelievable cast, or its most original storyline I don’t any one could resist House.

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