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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

After all this time searching for the most exciting TV show, you have come to the right one. In Scranton, Pennsylvania, a paper company is led by an irresponsible boss who is always trying to spice things up. The Office is in its own class of comedy because of the always captivating plots, the relationship between the characters, and the priceless expressions of the actors.
With the creative and hysterical storylines of The Office, you will be rolling on the ground with laughter. In a small Pennsylvania town called Scranton, a barely functioning office is run by an even less likely boss, Michael Scott. Every episode has more than one important event going on at once, whether it’s Jim trying to hook up with Pam, or Dwight trying to get to the bottom of things. No matter what, it never gets dull.
If you liked Little Miss Sunshine, Dan in Real Life, or Evan Almighty, then you will enjoy The Office. The way Steve Carell (plays Michael Scott) sets the stage will have you bawling with laughter. The way Jim (one of the workers) flirts with Pam really makes you want them to get together.

The best part of The Office is how realistic it is. The way Jim gives a surprised look when Phyllis or Creed says something weird makes you able to relate to them, or how Jim will all of a sudden when Roy (Pam’s Fiancé) walks into the room. It just makes you think that the office actually exists. The way the writers relate this show to real life gets the viewers coming back for more.

Watching The Office is well worth your time because the storyline is so intriguing, you can relate to the characters, and the reactions are so enjoyable to watch. For NBC to continue to bring in the strong ratings, they need to continue to air The Office.

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