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The Office

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought if someone would make a video of your work place, they would have the most popular show on TV? Well that show is here! In the normal town of Scranton, Pennsylvania working for Michel Scott isn’t so normal, making every day a new adventure or blunder. The Office (9:00 Thursdays, NBC) is the king of sitcoms because of its always different plot, convincing acting and the always hilarious characters.
If you’ve had a past office experience, then you know that some days can be interesting to say the least. In The Office the writers take everyday problems and turn them into time consuming, hilarious conflicts with even better outcomes The plot is so different that every episode has something new. In one episode another branch tries to hire one of Michel’s employees, Phyllis Lapin. Michel doesn’t like this at all so he takes Dwight and Jim to raid the other branch. It turns out that Jim’s ex-girlfriend is the manager…and they get caught. Another great plot “mixer” is relationships. They can make anything get very sticky very fast. In one episode the downstairs warehouse gets a ping-pong table and Darryl always beats Jim. You may be thinking so what, but once again relationships “mix it up”. Darryl’s girlfriend, Kelly, starts to talk trash about Pam, Jim’s girlfriend. This really makes Pam mad so she creates a make shift table so Jim can become better and beat Darryl. Sorry but I can tell you who wins because that would spoil it, but you can go online and watch Thursday the 15th’s episode on the internet to find out.
Ok, you may think so what if the plot is good; it’s the acting that makes the show. The Office has that too! Steve Carell does such a good job that many people actually think he is that way in real life. A great example of Carell was when he really thought rabies awareness is very important, and organizes a 5k run to help raise money for a self created rabies awareness fund. One of the most poplar and interesting characters is Dwight. Rainn Wilson does such a great job of portraying such an awkward character. One of my favorite segments of Dwight is when he lists off this heroes (they are all ping pong players) without one little stutter or hint of hesitation. “Zoron Permerotch, Juan Oveognoughner, Wong Tauw, Uhjuage Rushcough, and of course Ofraush Helming, I even have a life size poser of Hugeo Homaya on my wall”- Dwight.
We now know that the office is an awesome show with a changing plot and awesome acting. You might say so what, I watch sitcoms for the characters because without them it’s just a bunch of people trying to stand up to such good writing. As you have probably guessed the characters are the best part of The Office. They are some of the most original and comical characters on TV. Some of the most witty and comical characters are Michle Scott, the crazy manager, Dwight Schrute, Micheal’s henchman who thinks everyone is out to get him, and Jim Halpert and his girlfriend, Pam Beesly who seem to be the only “normal” people on the show. One of Michael’s best characteristics is his need to feel like “the boss”. He has Pam bring in fake messages while he’s in meetings, so people will think wow he is busy. (even though everyone sees through it.)
The Office is the best sitcom on the air for its never repeating plot, the fabulous acting and the original characters. This is a show that the entire family can enjoy with humor for all ages. It is one of the most popular shows on TV and it should stay on NBC where it belongs. The Office is a great show that never should be passed up!

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