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George Lopez

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you want to watch a sitcom that is different from every other sitcom? “George Lopez” works at a factory and lives with his wife Angie and his two kids Max and Carmen. This show plays on TV Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10:00 pm on Nick@Nite. “George Lopez” is a funny sitcom because it has interesting problems, the characters are believable, and the writing is funny.

There are more than one interesting problems in all of the episodes. This show usually takes place at George’s house or at his work. In one episode Max is acting bad in school and George thinks that it’s ok to pull jokes in class and Angie doesn’t. Also in this same episode George and Angie have to meet with Max’s teacher and Max smarts off to George’s mom bieny and she slaps him. The teacher meets with George and Angie because Max is failing the 5th grade.

The characters in this sitcom are very believable. Angie and George argue all the time like any other couple. There fighting in this episode because George thinks that its ok for Max to pull jokes in class and Angie doesn’t. In this episode George says to Angie “When I was a kid I put a shrimp in a kids backpack and it rotted and all the cats and dogs were chasing him out of the school and all the kids were laughing yelling run stinky.” But Angie doesn’t think that that’s funny. Angie and George always playoff each other well and have good facial expressions that make this show funnier. George always wimps down to Angie like when Max’s teacher is over and she tells them that Max is going to fail he starts to smart off to the teacher until Angie pinches him and he shuts up.

Writing in this sitcom is really funny. The writing is funny because George is always arguing with his mom about his child hood, how to raise his kids, or how bad his mom was to him. Like when George’s mom slaps Max and George gets mad at her she is always trying to get out of things by making excuses like when George tells her not to slap his kids and that he can raise them on his own she says “you don’t see kids in china being put in time out they get slapped around to you know.” Also when she goes to tell Max she’s sorry she doesn’t say she is she just gives him a 20 dollar bill and asks if there cool. Then when everyone is at George’s house and Angie asks Max if she apologized to him he said no and showed her the $20 and Angie says “you can’t buy off family.” Then Bieny says “yes you can all those celebrity lesbians do it all the time.” Another thing is George is always trying to crack jokes no matter what the situation is. Like when Max finally decides to do his homework he says “good job son make Carmen the dumb kid again.”

This is why “George Lopez” is a funny sitcom because of the interesting problems, the believable characters, and the funny writing. I recommend this sitcom because I know it will make you laugh. So one night when your watching TV and you want to watch something funny you need to turn to “George Lopez.”

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