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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Being a single mother of three would be hard enough, imagine also having to deal with your daughter being a pregnant high schooler, and having your soon-to-be ex-husbands girlfriend always barging into your house without so much as a knock. That’s exactly the situation Reba Hart finds herself in. Reba is a great show because it has an entertaining plot, developed characters and is amazing well written.

Reba is a very entertaining sitcom that keeps you hooked from the very beginning. In this episode Cheyenne and Van have just gotten back from there honeymoon when their school principal, Mrs. Hodge, calls Reba and Brock in to tell them about sending Cheyenne to a school for pregnant teens called Honeyhouse. When they tell Mrs. Hodge that they wanted Cheyenne to finish school with her friends Mrs. Hodge tells them that she wasn’t suggesting they send her there and if they don’t she will suspend Cheyenne for three weeks, long enough to ruin her grades. Throughout the entire season, Reba has to deal with Brocks girlfriend, Barbra Jean, barging into her house being a single mom and Cheyenne being pregnant and still in high school.

Secondly, the characters are all well developed and entertaining. Throughout this show, the characters grow and mature. Cheyenne, (played by Joanna Garcia) is maturing and learning that there is more to life than being popular. Van (played by Steve Howey) is maturing by sticking by his wife when she is kicked out of school. Reba is learning to deal with her daughter being pregnant, married and in high school. Relating to the characters isn’t a hard thing to do with this sitcom. The fun and bubbly Cheyenne, is exactly what most teenage girls want to be, pretty, popular, a cheerleader, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she ends up pregnant, watching how it affects her life and how much she is like a normal teenage girl lets others who have gone through that same thing or something similar see it from someone else’s point of view. People can also relate to Reba (played by Reba McEntire) who has to deal with everyone else’s problems and issues always putting herself last.

This sitcom is written very well. The writer, Allison m. Gibson, out does herself in this episode of hilarious dialogue. The dialogue is lifelike and humorous, like when Cheyenne says “I need to wear something that says Mrs. Montgomery.” and her younger sister Kyra, replies “How about a t-shirt that says ‘I’m with stupid’? It is also very realistic, people do get pregnant when they are teenagers and people do get cheated on and divorced and not many television shows show that so it’s a nice way to see reality in a humorous way. The plot is always lifelike and can really happen in real life and it makes you wonder what you’d do in the same situation. In this episode the theme is also an easy thing to find and relate to, always stand up for yourself even when everyone wants you to give up.

Reba is a great show because of its entertaining plot, has such well developed characters and is written so well. Reba is a show that everyone should watch, especially if you are in need of a laugh.

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