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Alexander Hamilton: An American Musical by Alexander Hamilton Cast

May 15, 2017
By Thewritehands SILVER, Tyler, Texas
Thewritehands SILVER, Tyler, Texas
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I heard your eyes rolling when you read that heading, but hear me out!
  Alexander Hamilton is a catchy soundtrack, Broadway Phenomenon, and a sold out show that has a waiting list a mile long, with tickets that are near impossible to get a hold of. I mean, not even Regina Mills, a.k.a the Evil Queen, from the ABC tv show, Once Upon a Time, could get the tickets! After this particular episode, my curiosity peaked.
  What is Alexander Hamilton?
God Bless Youtube and it's endless YouTubers and videos. After watching the animated music videos, I became obsessed and went to the wonderful Spotify to listen to the soundtrack over and over and over and over and.... Well, let's just say, I am Helpless. Anyone who is a fan will understand. I am helplessly in love with this catchy way to learn about the story behind the face on the ten dollar bill.
It isn't all rap songs, though the majority of it is, but you have Thomas Jefferson sings his jazzy, "What Did I, Miss?", you have Eliza Schuyler's giddy, "Helpless," and her heart-wrenching, "Burn." The important thing behind each song is the element of education. You get the humor, heartbreak, anger, and frustration in each song. Importantly, we learn just how fantastic Washington is, but I mean, I am biased.
Who is Alexander Hamilton?
  Alexander Hamilton can be found on our precious ten dollar bill, he was a delegate to the Congress Convention, first secretary of the treasury, and the main author of the Federalist Paper. He was an aide-de-camp as Lieutenant Colonel on Washinton's staff and in four years managed to raise his status. He married Elizabeth "Eliza" Schuyler and had 9 children with her before his death. Those are just the highlights. With the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda's creation, I became involved, with the use of music and crafty wording, I was able to connect emotionally with the different characters. Another thing I found amazing is, how much information I absorbed, and how it gave me a hunger to know more. More about the history of the Revolution, more about what happened before, during and after. I have always been a history buff, but this sparked my creative side and merged the two. Maybe that is why I am so attracted to the album.
I recommend this soundtrack to anyone with a hunger to learn, but mostly for entertainment. Most people I have talked to either have no clue what, Alexander Hamilton is, or have heard the soundtrack and agree, (sometimes begrudgingly), that it is an enjoyable experience. Others are like me, helplessly in love with the history of Alexander Hamilton.
Again, that is just me, what do you think?

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