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Spitalfield - Better Than Knowing Where You Are

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Music Review: Spitalfield

Better Than Knowing Where You Are

“It's just another stretch of highway. I never asked for ordinary, time and time change. If I rewrote this it might just sound the same...”
These are the words that begin Spitalfield’s final album, Better Than Knowing Where You Are. The twenty-four second long opener perfectly captures the theme of the album: maturity. The introductory track, titled Dare to..., shares these lines with the final track, …Listen. The connection between these two songs might be a message to listeners, especially those who criticized the band’s previous album, Stop Doing Bad Things, urging them to remain open-minded.
The building sound at the end of Dare to... transforms directly into the next song, The Only Thing That Matters. The song is calm, but catchy. As it moves towards the end, it gains power, but quickly regains its calmness when singer Mark Rose says the final line, “…this could be perfect.” The next track, On the Floor, is one of the more powerful and fast-paced songs on the album, along with Curtain Call, Tell Me, Clarice, and Lasting First Impression. The most memorable part of On the Floor comes between the catchy choruses, where the words are spoken quietly syllable by syllable, creating a bridge between the fast paced verses. Curtain Call seems to be a surprisingly angry song, which is definitely something new for Spitalfield, but the result is one amazing tune. Tell Me, Clarice is certainly appealing, but it lacks a hook; therefore, it is easily forgettable. Lasting First Impression seems to be another message to listeners, which mocks the current music scene. Unfortunately, this song is also very commonplace and forgettable.
Songs such as Novocaine, and …Listen, highlight Spitalfield’s new direction and style. Novocaine moves along calmly and at a moderate pace. During the chorus, Rose’s gentle vocals are accompanied by a light piano, which gives the song a relaxing feel. …Listen is the perfect closing track for the band’s last album. The song describes the unpredictability of the touring life, making it a perfect end-of-a-journey tune. ..Listen also serves to remind fans of the band’s passion for touring and making music. It is during the bridge, where the opening line is repeated, providing a sense of closure to the album and Spitalfield’s musical journey. The repetition at the end of the song certainly gives long-time Spitalfield fans a nostalgic and longing feeling.
Better Than Knowing Where You Are was a wonderful way for Spitalfield to end their career. Although the album does feature some forgettable songs, it is mostly dominated by catchy and memorable ballads. The album is a must-have for those who love good lyrics and captivating tunes. Be sure to buy the album and dare to listen.

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