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Port Chuck by Port Chuck

May 1, 2011
By Palrice8 PLATINUM, Lynn, Massachusetts
Palrice8 PLATINUM, Lynn, Massachusetts
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Whether you're a daily fanatic or a once-in-a-while watcher, you must know a few characters on General Hospital. Steve Burton as mobster Jason, Bradford Anderson as his cyber sidekick Spinelli, Brandon Barash as their enemy Johnny, and Scott Reeves as Steve, the chief of staff at General Hospital. You may know them as their contrasting characters, but what you might not know is, when filming is finished for the day, the four team up as the band Port Chuck.

Started back in 2010, the GH hotties formed the band Port Chuck, named after the fictional city of Port Charles on their soap. If this is news to you, don't be so shocked, as Bradford, Brandon and Scott have all sung on GH before. As for Steve, considering he plays the tough and "stone cold" mobster, it might be a shocker to know he's also a talented singer.

Today, the band has released their self-titled debut album, featuring numerous Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses covers. Mostly a rock album, with a few slower beats, including Scott's "Hallelujah", performed on GH just a few months ago. The songs "Devil Went Down To Georgia" and "In The End" introduce you to Steve's singing and even slight rapping! Others like "Feel Like Making Love" and "Feels Like The First Time" show off Bradford's musical theater background and his sweet and superb vocals.

While other songs show Brandon's excellent vocal ability and Scott's endearing rough sound, the new album is a great listen for any General Hospital, or even rock music fan. So is there any chance of the band performing on GH? Don't count on it! Can you imagine two rival mobsters, a cyber geek and a doctor singing together? They'd have to get pretty drunk at Jake's for that to happen!

Now what's next for these guys? They just ended their latest tour and are headed back to work! But if you missed them on tour this time, don't fret, because the boys recently announced that they're going back on tour this August! Be sure to follow @PortChuckBand on twitter for all your Port Chuck deets!

The author's comments:
General hospital is my second favorite thing next to David Archuleta, so once in a while you will find me writing about GH ;)

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