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My Paper Heart by Francesca Battistelli

May 18, 2010
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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"My Paper Heart" is the 2008, blockbuster release from Christian singer/songwriter Francesca Battistelli. "Free to be Me" starts off this album with an easy-to-listen-to beat that's extremely uplifting. "I'm Letting Go" picks up where the last song left off in the uplifting-energy department with the freeing sound of a piano carrying you through the song. "Unpredictable" starts off with a little more of a rock influence which brings in a different feel that shakes up the record a tiny bit, and a faster beat accompanies the record shake-up. "My Paper Heart" goes into a more soulful beat, but still keeps up the piano background that this album is based on. Not to mention that a twangy guitar brings a fun flavor to it. "Beautiful, Beautiful" slows things down to make a wonderful pop-ballad that really shows off Francesca's talents in the vocal department. The bridge builds things up to make a great, heart-grabbing moment. "Blue Sky" has a 1960's, gospel sound that really makes this song totally danceable. "Forever Love" starts off with the sounds of a beautiful string section then goes into a piano solo. As the song goes on, the piano and string section become one with the modern sound of guitars and drums to create another beautiful power-ballad on this album. "Someday Soon" brings an infectious power with extremely powerful, high-flying vocals to boot. "Behind the Scenes" brings the piano and also brings back the twangy guitar, putting them together to paint a beautiful story about seeing the full picture of things. "It's Your Life" brings things from soft ballads to soft rock happiness with an upbeat, cathy tune that's very guitar based in the chorus and has a very satisfying ending. "Time in Between" brings us through a story that really makes you think and ends this album with another beautifully composed power-ballad.

Bottom line: "My Paper Heart" is the perfect piece to anybody's music collection. Whatever religious denomination you are, you will totally enjoy this album. Francesca really takes the time to show off her talents in the lyric department and is the total epitome of the overused title "super star" and takes that title to a whole new level with her incredible voice. This is one C.D. that you just can't miss. This C.D. will take away all of your dark clouds and show you the beautiful, blue sky hiding behind them. Enjoy!

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