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brent: Music Review

December 1, 2019
By Anonymous

As the light strumming of guitar clears your mind, the lyrics bring you back to reality. Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler’s album, brent, has great tracks to listen to when you’re down in your feels. With its slow-paced rhythm and melancholic lyrics, the song tracks take you along on a story of a deteriorating relationship and how they moved on.

    brent, released on May 3rd, 2019, was an instant hit, with its most popular song of the tracks racking up more than 48 million streams on Spotify alone. The album was kickstarted during a trip to Connecticut, where both artists first met at Jeremy’s performance at an outdoor fraternity party in 2018. They decided to go back again, for inspiration, and found it when they wrote their first song of brent, “you were good to me”. When describing how the trip inspired their music, Chelsea Cutler said, “It's a super magical little spot. And it's super far removed from everything I think we’re used to on a daily basis, which I think is really important, because creativity is limited, and you have to keep driving creativity from the environment you're in.”

    Jeremy Zucker also said, “The music really represents how we felt at that cabin: inspired, wholesome, and introspective.”

    Though the music isn’t very upbeat, and falls into the alternative genre, Chelsea and Jeremy’s vocals will keep ringing in your head long after you listen to the tracks. Their harmonization is one of a kind, with Jeremy’s low and raspy voice complementing Chelsea’s silky and gentle one. In the brent documentary that they released, you can see that they use a lot of instruments like mandela, keyboard, and guitar in their songs, which go along well with their theme of nostalgia and ill-fated relationships. The power duo sing about the agony of leaving someone and all the good times behind. The music makes me feel as though I’m actually losing a loved one and going through a breakup, even though I'm not. Their song “please” shows the theme clearly with the lyric, “I swear I’ll wait forever, if it means not letting go.” 

    However, in “scared”,  the lyrics talk about not letting fear take control and not doubting themselves,  “So yeah, I'm scared. But I won't let it get to me.” The song “you were good to me” also drifts from the theme of not wanting to let go. Instead, the song talks about moving on and getting over the breakup. The lyrics state, “At the end of every road. You were good to me.” Each song represents the different stages of a breakup, from not being able to leave the relationship to not having to depend on your lover.

     Overall, brent can bring a person to tears with its heart-wrenching lyrics and amazing vintage guitar and airy piano. The exceptional voices of Chelsea and Jeremy tell the story of a relationship that is falling apart and the music speaks to the listener, whether they can relate to the lyrics or not.

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