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September 26, 2019
By kiwiladie BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
kiwiladie BRONZE, Albion, Nebraska
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Lindsey Stirling, an electronic dancing violinist, transcended once again into the mythical world with the concept of her new album titled, Artemis. Enclosed within Artemis are mystifying themes, stories, and characters that can be found from Greek mythology. Artemis, daughter of Zeus, is the goddess of the moon who protects and defends virtue and femininity. Using imagination, creativity, and inspiration, Stirling developed a storyline for the character, Artemis, and applied anime to portray her concept for her album. She has also created an entire comic book that will be later released this fall for the storyline of her album. The album drives motion forward, yet allows the melodies to slowly unravel themselves throughout each song in number order. Each song describes the drastic themes with strong, intense volume coming from the violin itself. Not a lot of people would think the violin is a bold, daring work of art, but Stirling has surely showed this unrecognizable side of the violin. But even in the heavy, powerful counter melodies, their is always a soft, gentle melody which carries throughout the song. The song in particular called Underground focuses on electronic, dubstep movements, yet the melody wraps up the song with a more gentle approach. This album features more of a crispier, deep tone vivid inside the violin’s body. I deeply appreciate the time and effort Lindey Stirling puts into her albums, shows, music videos, and now future comic book. I give this album 5 out of 5 stars rating based on tone quality, intonation, the mood of the songs, and how I feel about each song. I even have some favorites from this album; Masquerade, Sleepwalking, and Love Goes On and On featuring Amy Lee. 

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Julia has been a musician since she was 5 years old. She is both artistic in her works of writing and music and has been a book worm since birth. She loves mornings with her supportive family and enjoys to spend every second living and dreaming. You can find her day-dreaming most days or enjoying the moment of every single day. 

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