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Bruce Almighty

December 7, 2015
By tannerschell BRONZE, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
tannerschell BRONZE, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
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god is pretty popular and is in all forms of media which is what a movie is a form of meida.  Set in the sate of New York you first see a video clip of a man named Bruce(played by jim Carrey) preforming a new segment after the video is over you see that bruce the whole time was watching this to see if it would be good enough to turn in to the news station he works at to make him a primetime broadcaster. as he goes to work you meet Evan Baxter (played by Steve Carrel) bruce's rival. they and Bruce is given a chance to broadcast live. He fails and gets fired he recieves a message that tells him to go to a building and he does. He meets god(played by Morgan Freeman) and god tells Bruce that he has his job as god for a while. At first Bruce has fun with that position but that all changes when his grilfriend (played by Jennifer Aniston) dumps him. So Bruce decides he will do good and fixes all the bad things he did. He apoligieses to god and gets hit by a car and is given a wish. At the end Bruce ends up back with his girlfriend and gets married 

 overall this good cast made a good movie and I think you should watch Bruce almighty 

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