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The Dark Knight

July 22, 2008
By Anonymous

You have probably heard all the hype about Heath Ledger's amazing performance, right? I did too, and when I went I had the feeling I was going to see something different than your typical summer blockbuster.
A lot of times when your expectations are built so high, the movie is disappointing. This movie did not disappoint. It was, in one word,intense. Though there was little visual gore, you felt every punch, and I found myself cringing and stiffening a lot during the movie.
The movie that preceded Dark Knight was not as intense or engrossing as this one. I actually cared about what happened, and was more horrified at the actions of the Joker than at anything the Scarecrow did. This one felt more real, more consequential. The underlying themes of self sacrifice and Batman's bravery in the face of scorn, even by those he protects, brings this movie together. And Batman nor even Joker steal the whole movie. The "sidekicks" have you rooting for them too.
Just a little warning: This movie is not for kids, it is for older teens and adults.
I love this movie, and I think that it was the best Batman movie yet. Go see it if you can!

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