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March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

In the movie Ratatouille, directed by Brad Bird, is a heart-warming story about redemption and is a perfect choice for any age. This movie is about a rat in France who wants to be a chef and is inspired by a dead chef whose motto is “Anyone can cook”. Remy the rat wants to be a chef, but he can’t because he is a rat and that’s gross and also because his family doesn’t support him. Remy has to prove to his family that he can cook and its his dream to cook. This movie is children/family cartoon and its rated G. Ratatouille is intended for any age, from little children to old senior citizens. The main characters are Remy, whose dream is to cook, Linguini, who cannot cook to save his life, Colette, who tries to teach Linguini to cook, and Emile, Remy’s brother, who kind of supports him but is a suck up to their dad. This movie is in Remy’s perspective, and it’s interesting because it’s really original and I have never imagined how a rat views life. The movie Ratatouille gets two thumbs up!!!

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