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An American Crime

April 28, 2011
By Mrs.Parnell SILVER, Clearlake Oaks, Ca, California
Mrs.Parnell SILVER, Clearlake Oaks, Ca, California
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Everyone knows that there is the heinous crime of child abuse in our society right? In my careers with children class, there is a large section of the class book that teaches us the possible warning signs of child abuse and what we should do if we come across a case of child abuse. Well part of that section was to watch this movie called "An American Crime". It is based on a true story, a very sad story, and a very horrific case of child abuse. Yes most people would say "Well why would you want to watch something so horrific?" and my response is " It needs to be faced, doesn't it?" Or do we just ignore it? This movie shows you the honesty and brutality of what a victim of child abuse goes through. Someone may ask me "Well how would you know?" and my answer to that would be "Because I was one of them." This movie was a very hard thing for me to watch because of my past, but it is a true portrayal of what is felt during a case of child abuse. My heart goes out to the children of the abuser, who didn't know any better than what their mother taught them. My heart goes out to the mother, father, and sister of Sylvia Liken - the now deceased victim of this horrific case of abuse. The abuse killed her. Don't let another life be taken because of child abuse. If you suspect, please call your local child protective services. If it's an emergency, call 911. Don't turn and look the other way. Rest in peace Sylvia Liken. Gone, but never forgotten.

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Rest In Peace Sylvia Liken.

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