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January 7, 2011
By Kagra15 BRONZE, Flint, Michigan
Kagra15 BRONZE, Flint, Michigan
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Nov 21, 2009 - Jun 30, 2010
Twilight: Saga
This movie was an o.k. start to the Saga series, but this was from a point of veiw after I saw this movie and read the book. The book (like most books turned to movies) were not the same. But they should always stick to the important things that could make or break the series of events. I noticed through the movie a few minor flaws, and some very large mistakes. The minor flaws like most things can be over looked by the big things that take a great toll on the story or movie is to important to over look, The movie was very well staged. The acting a great start, but could easly go down hill if they do NOT try to keep the characters mind in their hearts. If they start forgetting the character they are protraying, it could lead to a very crumbling movie portray. They may be dressed to look like the charactors, but they CAN'T BE the charactors unless they make themselves believe they are. If they just keep thinking "oh its just a part" they will crumble like a piece of old bread. So to finish the Twilight review, it was an o.k. movie, but it could have been better. A quick route through the actors and actresses. Kristen Stewart could have done a better job at showing emotions of Bella swan in the movie, Robert Pattinson did an fairly good job, Ashley Greene and Cam Gigandet did a good job at getting into the feel of their characters of Alice Cullen and James. Cam did a good job at showing the rage and sexual thrill of hunting Bella. Ashley Greene did a great job at portraying Alice as the care free but very thoughtful on the alert vampire woman she is.

New Moon Review
My opinion, of New Moon is that it was nothing like I had imagined, I'm a very imagnitve person, and when a story that i can picture completely in my head is nothing like that on the Big screen, it annoys me. With the little children behind me kicking my chair. It was o.k. but not what i had been hoping for, I was hoping for the plot of the story to be the same as the movie but it was nothing like i had hoped for. I'm very dissapointed in the directors, you screwed up the whole plot of the story, there are many crusal parts that were either tamperd with or just plain left out, I'm even more dissapointed in the writer, you knew what they were doing, you should have went over their script. I was even more dissapointed in the Twilight saga fans, you say your such big fans? Well guess what? You should have noticed all the signifigent difference between the movie and the book. There were so many different parts that were changed and the one part where Bella was cliff diving for adrenaline, all her selfconsiouns (Edward illusion) said, "Don't do this!" and she jumped in, and he just stared at her,
when he was supposed to say so many important things to her. IT WAS THE WHOLE POINT. So next don't mess up.

I have just seen the new Twilight saga movie Eclipse. I thought it was just a little better than New moon. The actors and actresses have been getting a little better. Robert Patterson needs to show a little more emotion in his acting, from the movie "Remember me" to the twilight movies. IF he would just let himself go and be one with the character he is acting as he would become a great actor.
Also, Kristen Stewart should try a little more facial expressions. Her face is built for more then just the sad lost look. She is constantly looking sad, even when she is happy. Other than a few minor differences from the book in the movie, it was just fine. I might have actually liked it if I had slept that night before. Hopefully you all will give me your thoughts on this movie.

By: Chelsea M. Pelkey

For: The twilight people

The author's comments:
I enjoyed reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, so I decided to see what they could do with her books on the Big screen

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