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Van Helsing

December 2, 2009
By BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
BrianDunlop PLATINUM, Valley Stream, New York
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Van Helsing stands as one of thw worst movie I have ever watched. After the movie I felt said that Van Helsing took away two hours of my life and I couldn't get it back. Why did the Frankenstein's Monster have an English accent and why was he even talking in the first place, I thought he only grunted and groaned? Why in the movie do they only call him Van Helsing, why not just Van for short like Van get out of the way instead of Van Helsing get out of the way. If I find out there will be a sequel to this movie I will weep. How can people enjoy that? Van Helsing is a terrible movie and I rather sleep on nails then watch that movie, again.

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