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January 25, 2017
By JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
JohnRuiz SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Addiction, it's hard for the person who is addicted and their loves ones. This novel tells it all in Tweak. Tweak visually make you a different person, putting their shoes as an addict. The book basically tells about addicts but mostly on the main character in the streets, buying and selling drugs. However things were going wrong from the start. Money, property, and dignity is lost from the main character and now you get to read the experience.  
The main character, Nic Sheff, basically live his life with drugs since he was a teen. However the more he grow older, the more he gets addicted to the drug. Sheff parents decided to try to make him clean with a 12-step program and Sheff agrees to get his life together. Few years later, Sheff decide to go back in drugs and move to New York from L.A to get a little taste.   Everything hits the fan after that mistake of doing drugs again. Now Sheff is trying to survive the hardships of an addict and take a ride of hell and depressing streets of N.Y.

Even though am still not finished with the book, it's still worth the read and while I read this book, I’ll put my take on the situation every time things go down. My personal connection through this novel is that my uncle is a alcoholic and we try to help him to move on with his life; now my uncle is alive and well ever since we help him. I recommend this to book to both teens and adults but only you can takes its violent and explicit nature. This urban non fiction of a masterpiece is worth the pick up and trust me you won’t stop reading.

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