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Treasures by Nora Roberts

April 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Although I have not really ever been a fan of mystery novels Nora Roberts has captivated my mind and dreams with her tales of witches and futuristic story plots. One inperticularly that has plucked me up out of modern day suburb life and dropped me into an intense quirky murder scene is Roberts novel Secret Star. This novel is the first to come in a duo book called Treasures. The extreme use of detail and flavor is what send realist vibes through my fingertips with every turn of a page. The urge to not put the book down is what causes my imagination to guess what is going to happen next.

Lieutenant Seth Buchanan is a well know homicide investigator whose reputation is rough and blunt. When on the scene of his new case he finds wealthy heirs Grace Fountain murdered and her multie million-dollar home left ransacked. With the background of money and beauty she was known to be stuck up and absorbed by her wealth. Although lieutenant is thrown for a supersizing adventure when Ms. Fountain shows up most definitely alive. And learns that the stereotypical character she is made out to be is very much misunderstood. In her possession is the Blue Diamonds know as The Stars of Mitchra, a well-craved morsel for those who would wish to use its powers for evil.

From the grimy and harsh crime scenes to the emotional and yet simply beautiful connections that are painted with vivid words this novels touch’s every point. Creating work that captivates the soul. The cold and somber atmosphere at the beginning of the story and the vibe of the city life truly set the stage for a disturbing plot. The chase for the wanted diamond is constantly putting Grace and the Lieutenant in situations to be with one another. The Lieutenant being a very consistent man never let anything, let alone anyone get in the way of his work. The challenge is becoming more and more difficult for him with every sultry look her eyes spoke to him. It became an extensive challenge trying to solve the mystery. Although Lieutenant Buchanan soon comes to find that there is no greater mystery then Grace herself.

If your one who likes unpredictable love story with cute little perks then im sorry but this book is not for you. If you’re the type that likes evil, mystic thrillers and cant stand the color pink then this book is also not for you. Although if you are that person that enjoys a little of each of these for your individual little part that makes you you, then I completely recommend this novel to you. It’s the perfect mixture of both worlds.

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