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Black Tuesday by Susan Colebank

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

If you like a book about a teenage girl who seems to have her life together, but one accident leaves he with a totaled car and life, then you'll love Black Tuesday.

Jayne seems to have her life in control, good grades, Harvard, tennis, a good friend, everything is going her way. Until one day while rushing to tennis practice, Jayne runs a red light and barrels into a red Volvo. She soon finds out the driver is okay, but the toddler passenger is not.

Jayne spirals into a deep depression, not eating, playing tennis, or keeping her above average grades up. At community service, she begins to hang out with the wrong crowd. Her new friends even convince her to re-dye her hair brown and red, get a tattoo, and a belly button piercing.

Her diabetic, self centered sister, understanding dad, or controlling mom can't get her out of this slump. Even her best friend Tom begins to turn on her. Jayne feels like the only way to get away from her mom is to be a delinquent.

It takes her boyfriend attempting to take her too far, her sister falling into diabetic shock, and Jayne's mom kicking her out to get back on track.

This book is monumentally powerful and surprising. I felt everything Jayne felt, happiness, anger, depression, and was kept at the edge of my seat when I read Black Tuesday. I recommend this book to every reader out there. It's a great book that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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