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Twilight by Stephanie Meyers

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Bella and her mother have always dislike the small Washington town of Forks, but now she is voluntarily moving there to live with her dad while her mother lives a new lifestyle with Bella's step dad. At the high school in Forks, Bella is an immediate success, befriended by one of the most popular girls in school and pursued by one of the most popular boys. Although, when movie-star perfect Edward saves Bella from being hit by a car despite her being on the other side of the parking lot a few seconds before, it seems that Edward cant hate her so much after all. Bella's quest to discover who/what Edward really was eventually led to the realization that he is a vampire and that he craved Bella's blood more than any he's ever encountered before. With what the author wrote in the book, most readers would be able to explore and maybe even relate to most difficulties between any relationships, therefore Stephanie Meyers book is rated 5 stars for her story writing, topic, and real life relations. Twilight, Bella's new astonished discovery of a vampire/human, is a bloodthirsty event ready to bite you!

Take a girl, put in a boy, make him a vampire, toss in a title, and you get Twilight! So you have Bella, the girl who knows everything, she can find out secrets she's never heard before. You also have Edward, a camera-shine genius who can also find out that there is more to life than being perfect, or half-dead. The book twilight is an action-packed story, but I thought it was supposed to be about Bella & Edward. The only part I don't get is why Meyers would put an average girl with someone that is fantastically handsome, sparkly, and a vampire. From my perspective, the author wanted to create a drama act between Bella and Edwards is relationship to add enough thrill to make people jump. My friend's point of view is that Stephanie Meyers is creating excitement through Bella & Edwards weird bond, but is making a twist of reality because this kind of stuff doesn't happen everyday. Zoom into the half-dead world of Twilight.

Remember, not all fantasy's have to occur in books, that's what I love about the author. After reading Twilight, I noticed how the whole story could happen in real life, which made a big tribute to Meyer's skill as a writer & storyteller. Twilight has 3 genres bombed in every part of the story because there's a little horror, romance, and even history. It is one of the greatest things Stephanie Meyers did by using her style, but how does the book Twilight relate to real life? Isabella swan replies My character plays a typical teen crush with a giddy wake up and on the edge anticipation to see her boyfriend who currently is different than other boys Thanks for the answer Bella, anyways Stephanie Meyers has the love, scary, and non-fictional scenes going on in Twilight, and it is an event ready to put you into Bella's ordinary life with front seat action in the book.

Before reading a book you should see its rating first. Stephanie Meyers has a twisted twinkle going on in her book with the vampire dating a human relationship; therefore readers have put 5 stars for the books storyline. At first, it tends to be confusing with Bella because she goes from a clam to a pearl in a mere second, but you can still understand her going through all this change. Five checks for the readability section please Stephanie Meyers is such a talented writer with her detail, story writing, action, and romance. It is like a dance because Meyers went from a waltz, to jive, to hip-hop, and even to tango. No wonder this book is rated 12+ for an age but it matters on your likings. Dive into the world of dance and writing from the book Twilight.

In conclusion, after reading this bloodthirsty book, Meyers will give you a taste of the vampire world. You have gotten to know Isabella swan and Edward Cullen, but now you get to read about them in action! You have heard of author's style before, but not the way it has been used in Stephanie Meyers book. Get to see artistic, vigilant, and superior writing all in 1 book! Twilight, the best supernatural book you will ever read, is the greatest vampire story ready to take your readers mind out.

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