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Sudden Impact by Lesley Choyce

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

In the book it says read this book you won't regret it, I also agree. In this book they play a lot of soccer and at one of their champion games there key player Kurt kicked the soccer ball but it missed the net and he fell. Normally he gets up and he is good to go, but not this time he just laid on the ground. This book is a sports fiction/contemporary fiction.” Kurt's improving nicely” said his doctor to Jake. This is important in the book because it shows how Kurt is improving from his big accident. I would rate this nook a 9 out of ten because it keeps you wanting to read chapter after chapter. ''I didn't believe all that they were telling me'' said Kurt “if I don't find an organ donor then I might die.”

Take time to read this book I can bet that u won't regret it. If you're a sports kind of person then read this book you won't want to stop reading!!

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