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Tuesdays with Morrie

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

Sometimes life's greatest lesson are taught by people whom you least expect it. Such as an old dying professor who teaches his former student the meaning of life and death. Sometimes you realize the life you are living isn't the life for you, and being the sports columnist that Mitch Albom was he had no direction in his life. Sometimes you need a person who understands you when you need direction in your life and to give you advice.

This is the case for Mitch Albom, and Morrie Schwartz was that person for him. Morrie Schwartz was Mitch Alboms favorite professor from 20 years ago back in college. He found out that his favorite professor was dying and decided to pay him a visit not knowing that this visit would turn into not just one but many life lessons. These life lessons would teach Mitch to love and to truly live his life.

Mitch was in for his final class at the age of around 30 and the subject was life taught from raw experience. Unlike fortune cookies, that will give you a line of wisdom. Morrie Schwartz teaches the reader that you should embrace life at your death, much more than any fortune cookie can do. Much more than any book can do.

Every Tuesday Mitch would attend the class for his "life lessons", such as regrets, death, family, fear of aging, and money. What better person to learn these lessons than a dying professor who understands you. Mitch gets more than just lessons from this, he takes care of Morrie and eventually becomes a son to him and after you read this book you will get much more out of this book then just ink on a paper. As the months turn to weeks and weeks turn to days this once enthusiastic professor who could put a smile on anyone's faces, life draws to an end. Before he left him assigned Mitch a "final thesis", Tuesdays With Morrie is Mitch Alboms "final thesis". This "final thesis" is the novel that you should be reading right now because it will give you a more appreciated meaning on life.

This book will not only make you have a new profound meaning on life and cooping with death, but as you put the book down after reading it you will realize how much of a masterpiece you have just read. Tuesdays With Morrie takes hold of you and wont let go. You can start to read this book and putting it down will be a hassle. The lessons that Morrie teaches are not only just words they are actual experiences that this dying man is living. Morries lessons cover all aspects of life such as money, family, aging, and death. The reader feels a strong connection while reading this book. Mitch Alboms life changed after this book and so will yours once you read it. This quote really summarizes the novel and really summarizes the kind of teacher that Morrie was. "The truth is . . . once you learn how to die; you learn how to live (Morrie Schwartz)." The truth is that Tuesdays With Morrie really touched my life and once you read this novel it will also touch yours.

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