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Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

April 14, 2008
By Anonymous

By Laurie Halse Anderson

In high school everything gets more and more complicated. In this particular story a senior named Tyler learns what it's like to finally stand up for him self. This year is his senior year and his little sister Hannah is now a freshman. Tyler's best friend is in love with his younger sister. After three years of social torture, Tyler decides to do something that will get him noticed, vandalize the school with spray paint. Little did he know how much this one thing would change his senior year. Tyler ends up having to do community service all summer for getting caught vandalizing. To add to Tyler's problems his dad is always taking his anger out on Tyler. All while Tyler is trying to get the girl of his dreams, named Bethany. Bethany is the most popular girl in school and her older brother Chip and Tyler are sworn enemies. Bethany and Chip's dad is Tyler's dad's boss, making things even more complicated. Bethany invites him to a party, the first party he's been invited to since he was eight years old. At the party Bethany gets drunk and somebody takes inappropriate pictures of her. The pictures get posted online. Everybody including the police think the pictures were taken by Tyler.

This book was one of the very few books that have kept me reading. I was not able to put down the book. This is a good book for ages fourteen and up. I really enjoyed this book because it was something that I see happening a lot. I think everybody that has been in high school can relate to this story in some way whether it's wild parties or social torture.

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