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December 10, 2007
By Anonymous

Book Review for Sara Shepard’s “Perfect”
This third book is a worthy sequel for the first and second book. It opens your eyes to the real problems and how teens really deal with them. Instead of everyone being perfect, popular, and their lives being even better at the end of the book, in this book, everyone breaks the rules and their lives are even worse at the end of the book It tells the tale of Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, 4 used-to-be friends who share a big secret, years ago, they blinded Jenna, Toby’s (the annoying neighbor who seems to always be watching them) sister in a tragic accident and Toby is the only other one that knows, then a year or so later, Ali went missing, just like that, did she go missing? Who killed her? Could it be Melissa, Spencer’s jealous sister? What about Toby? Or even one of the girls? in the first book, they started getting texts, notes, e-mails, instant messages and even post it notes from a mysterious person knows only as “A”, who threatens them, saying she will tell not only the secret about “the Jenna Thing” as they call, but also some personal secrets they are all hiding. Could “A” be Ali? Impossible, Ali was found dead in the first book, what about Toby, wanting revenge for his sister’s blindness? No again, Toby killed himself after he believed that Emily knew his big secret about him and Jenna (I’m not repeating it here!) The who?? Who could possibly know all these secrets and where the girls are!!! Who knows? “A” does. Spencer not only stole her sister’s boyfriend but her old essay as well, and now it’s in national competition! Hanna is bulimic and its only getting worse as her life gets worse, Emily is secretly dating her female neighbor, Maya, and Aria, who caught her dad cheating on her mom with one of his students, went to live in Iceland after Ali went missing and now is back, in the first book, she hooked up with her English teacher Ezra, now she has a boyfriend, and she’s seeing Ezra again. The secrets are flying left and right in this exiting mystery as “A” decides she won’t let the girls get away with such naughty behavior anymore. I am eagerly awaiting the next book sure to not only reveal all the secrets but be full of excitement and mystery until the last page

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