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Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone

December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone by J.K. Rowling

Everyone has heard of “Harry Potter”. My mom used to read these books to me when I was little but I never really understood, or appreciated the book. When I came into middle school I finally decided I better read the series and see what all the excitement was about. Right away I became part of the fad. Once I got my nose in the book I couldn't get out.

My favorite book out of the series is the first. I loved it!! The characters, the story, and the situations … all just make me SMILE! I actually cried at the end!

Rowling has a way of sucking you in, in a wonderful way. She explains the characters with such compassion but at the same time makes them simple and lovely. Harry Potter is about a boy who lives with his dreadful aunt and uncle in London. On his 11th birthday Harry gets a letter, explaining he's a wizard. In the wizard world Harry is famous because at just 9 months old he defeated the greatest dark wizard of all times. All because of the power of love. Lots of people want to be Harry's friend but some don't like him at all …

The story is about friendship and courage.

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