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A Gathering of Days

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

A Gathering of Days is a quilt of history with an interesting story delicately woven in. With new twists at every turn, the Newberry award winner also delivers a well-researched look into the life of an 1830's farm girl. Told in the form of a journal, Joan W. Blos takes a look at what the life of an 1830's farm girl is like. Since 1979, this multi-award winner has awed a multitude of young readers. Educational adventure, with a twist of moral investigation, sets A Gathering of Days high above any Hollywood masterpiece.

The death of Catherine's mother means she is raised by her father. At least until Pa goes to town and brings back a wife for a surprise. Her city raised stepmother soon finds Catherine quite a challenge, and they take off on a rocky start. But Catherine's stepmother is kind, and they become good friends.

Faced with the death of her mother and best friend, Catherine finds tests around every corner. One interesting encounter Catherine has is with a runaway slave. After giving a quilt to the runaway, she must face the consequences of making a new quilt. Facing those and other trials brings interesting dynamics and moral questions into this unique novel.

A Gathering of Days is a must have for any bookshelf. Blos' historic and entertaining writing is a wonderful insight into a the life and moral issues of a New Hampshire farm girl. However, be prepared. A Gathering of Days is interesting, but definitely not a thrilling can't-put-down drama; it's a slowly developing look into the life of an 1830's farm girl.

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