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Private Yankee Doodle

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Private Yankee Doodle

By: J.P Martin
Historical Fiction

Set in Revolutionary war Private Yankee Doodle is a Fiction journal of a young man joining the army and his struggle for survival. Private Yankee Doodle begins with Martin yearning for the life of a soldier, after seeing his fellow friends join his impatience grabs a hold of him and in one rash decision he signs away his life for the life of a soldier. Little did Martin know that the life of a soldier isn't quite what he expected, through pain, fatigue, unmerciful weather and the ever-constant hunger martin learns how to overcome anything the war can throw at him and what bravery really is.

J.P. Martin truly shows what bravery and perseverance is as main character main character Martin undergoes the tremendous hardships all while learning to survive. J.P Martin used a very descriptive writing style along with a few tidbits of humor making Private Yankee Doodle a great example of J.P Martin's ability to display acts of tremendous heroism and bravery in the harshest of scenario. Private Martin is no doubt a symbol of bravery and perseverance as he prevails through anything with unflinching determination according to his motto “I am well so I will keep”

Fans of war stories will find similarities between Private Yankee Doodle and Rifles for Waite. Both stories involve young men that join the army and undergo tremendous amounts of pain and suffering. Although Private Yankee Doodle seems to be lacking in a lot of key areas for example: Secondary characters (there were two or three at best), dialogue, character development, conveying emotions and many other important parts. I would only recommend this book to die hard fans of the Revolutionary war seeing as Private Yankee Doodle is more of a history book than an adventure book.

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