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Old Yeller-

October 10, 2007
By Anonymous

Old Yeller---Fred Gipson

Travis was a boy who liked to hunt, and he was a hard worker. Travis found a dog while he was out, yellow and scruffy; he discovered Old Yeller had the biggest heart!

A disease came around called hydrophobia. A mad bull is chasing ma back to the house. Old Yeller comes to help and gets bit. He gets the disease and Travis has to shoot him!

My favorite part of the book was when everyone in the story developed an enormous liking for Old Yeller. If you have a enjoy dog books that feel real, read Old Yeller. It is a spectacular book for everyone all ages.


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KrWelsh14 said...
on Apr. 22 2009 at 11:11 pm

I think you would be a great writer.

Except for one thing, Old Yeller got bit by a wolf that had hydrophobia.

Not the cow.

Good luck in future writing!