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She said yes

October 8, 2007
By Anonymous

She said yes
By: Misty Bernall

This amazing book is about the catastrophe that struck columbine high school in 1992. Cassie, the main character, was murdered after she responded yes to the question,” Do you believe in God.” What is very interesting is her mother Misty Bernall (Author), was the person who suffered the most out of all that happened and everything that was discovered. The significance of “Yes” in this case means confidence, bravery, and mostly faith. This book is very unique in the fact that it doesn't show a timeline of what happened but it tells a story so we, the readers can comprehend it better.

I would recommend this book to mothers or parents that have adolescent children and are having trouble communicating. This book will help parents in the way that they can understand what adolescents go through everyday and the choices that will now and forever affect their daily lives. She Said Yes not only tells a story but it tells a life lesson something that can help us all. It also gives us a meaning of what we should do with our lives and how to show what,” Live life as if it was your last day” really means.

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