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Nike Blazers: The coolest shoes on the block.

January 14, 2022
By CJorgensen BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
CJorgensen BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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   In case you didn’t get the memo, you probably have noticed half of the world wearing these stylish shoes. Nike blazers are back, and better than ever. Nike blazers were originally created as a basketball shoe back in 1972. But now they’ve grown from being basketball shoes, to skating shoes, to workout shoes, and of course a fashion statement. From the original black and white, to now a variety of colors. These old school shoes became popular again and are still thriving.

   The detail on these shoes is impeccable, the smooth white leather the intricate stitching. The classing yellow strip of foam on the top of the tongue, brings back that 70’s vibe. The outsole has the same herringbone pattern from the original 1972 version. Blazers have excellent traction and durability that leave you wanting to wear these shoes wherever you go. These shoes have a good grip on your foot, and they have great support.

   Now there’s a variety of colors from pink, blue, red, cream, and multicolored. Nike has really taken a step up from the old black and white. The cost for these shoes is a little on the pricier side, listed at 100$. These shoes range from sizes in women from 5-12. And men’s sizes 3.5-15.

   I personally love my blazers and I wear them a lot (maybe a little too much) and I’m always getting complements on them. I really do like these shoes, and I think that everyone that can should own a pair of these shoes. I’m assuming by now your already on Nike’s website buying these shoes so all I’m going to say is your welcome.

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