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March 7, 2012
By Savonstar_13 PLATINUM, Norfork, Arkansas
Savonstar_13 PLATINUM, Norfork, Arkansas
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We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

My mind a flutter
My eyes stray
Stuck in wonder
Everything on replay

My hands hit the mark
Making sounds quiver
Sounds like a lark
Sounds I deliver

Head held high
No doubt in my mind
I'd have no reason to lie
Being truly one of their kind

Parents with gentle hands
Opposed to angry words
Brilliant yet cutting sands
Plucking just the right chords

No determined future
Just curious bliss
A wonderful cure
nothing a miss

They'd lift me up
Cradle the world's blow
I'd drink from the happiness cup
I would have a perfect glow

No worries my dear
I'd decide a new fate
Perhaps flowery words of cheer
Or choose art as my trait

No pressure my darling
I'd sit and learn
No push to be a starling
Nothing I'm forced to yearn

Is this resentment
Coursing through my veins
My life easily reached fulfillment
Erase the long score of pains

Journey back and to
My doubts are high, my hopes few
As I sit and think in the pew
The cuestion of "If..." on cue

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