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July 5, 2011
By AubreyTRieder PLATINUM, Clark, New Jersey
AubreyTRieder PLATINUM, Clark, New Jersey
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We expected that justice would be served,
That those red, guilty hands be put away
And the heartless beast gets what is deserved.
But righteousness has escaped us today.

She lay under soil, rock against bone,
Her mouth taped and stamped with what it calls “love”?
How could someone that’s happy that she’s gone
Be let free? It’s wrong, when push comes to shove…

Disgusting! Nothing short of a disgrace!
They don’t see a murderer in its eyes?
They don’t see a killer in its cold face?
A disaster! An unwelcome surprise!

Now the monster is as free as a bird;
And why can’t her justice simply be served?

The author's comments:
Wrote this after Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict... My heart goes out to poor little Caylee...

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