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Forever Binding

April 27, 2010
By Lorraine Schlabach SILVER, Kerby, Oregon
Lorraine Schlabach SILVER, Kerby, Oregon
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Forever Binding

Thy love is forever binding, my dear

Thy heart is whole when thou choosest to stay

When thou departs I can’t help but shed a tear
At the thought, weak knees, look how I do sway!

How dost thou describe thy love, thou dost ask?

I canst not convey thy feeling in words

To do thy bidding, I canst do such a task
Hence, my soul takes flight upon the wings of birds

What pen, what brush, can make thou see my love?

Of my love, what musician can make thou hear?

Appease me, sweet luminescent saint from above

When thou walkest, of my feet dost thou steer

Or’er the fire of my beating vivacious heart

Thou with soft hands do mend what was in two part.

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