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June 10, 2016
By Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
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Snap fingers to rhythm
1, 2
1, 2, 3, 4

I used to be like you before we met
And everything after it just came back
My head's spinning with memories
Everything we used to be
I don't know how I ever got out alive
With your tempting of love into my mind
Back when we were together
All the things they're just a blur

'Cause every time I see you there
I just get soft and twirl my hair
'Cause you set something off in me
That only you can do you see

So listen up I got some news for you
Everything you ever said it wasn't true
And now I've got a problem with you not me
'Cause every little thing heh no it couldn't be
Every little place I'll ever go
Will have flashbacks of me and you ya know
'Cause everything everyone you ever liked
Will be sold to the dump for a higher price
I don't even know how I ended up here
I think all your little buddies are just so weird
That not even I could get past that line
Of your lovers who never took the time
To realize what kind of mistake they've made
'Cause being with you was just a fake
And now I'm pretty sure that you can't compare
Me and you together and that's just not fair


'Cause every time
Every time
'Cause every time
Every time


'Cause every time
Every time
Every time
Every time

The author's comments:

This is about the same guy who got with me three times. I had started to really come around to him and decided to make this song in favour of my liking towards him. I swear I used to get butterflies in my stomach everytime I sang this song.

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