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Oh' Lord hear my words

December 31, 2014
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Oh' Lord Oh' Lord can you hear my words
I need you to hold me close right now
Oh oh oh oh
Oh' Lord that is in heaven above I say hear my words I yell out to you

My father who outh in Heaven hear my prayers hear my words hear my tears I spill out
Oh' Lord hear me now, I bal down on my knees before thee Oh' Lord you're king, my savior, my world and everything forward.

Oh' Lord hear my words, Oh' Lord hear my words I say to you right now
Oh' Lord hear my words, that I spill out right now, mm mm
Oh' Lord hear my words, I cry out loud to you from way down from here

Hear my pain inside of me, help me express every feeling being in me, let me express everything to you so I can be free to move forward from this day on,

Oh' Lord hear my oh my soul cries out for you oh you Lord, my soul yells out to you in need from heaven to earth my soul needs you to heal a broken me from the inside out so I can then be free to share you're words with all to hear.

Oh' Lord hear my words I sing to you right now, hear my heart, my soul, hear and feel my pain I give it all up to you because you are the one true king that can set me free from all else that's in me that holds me back.

Oh' Lord hear my words, hear the words I am saying to you in song, a poem, a verse, can you feel my pain the hurt that is trapped inside my soul. Can you fix me Oh Lord that outh in heaven, on heaven to earth you came once and again you'll come to set me free.

Oh' Lord hear my words I say to you, can you forgive me for all my wrong and bad deeds I did to others as I try to forgive them for what wrong and bad deeds they did to me, I know you're a loving righteous God that loves us all no matter what we do, say, and believe, we are all children of you the most high Lord I call you my father in heaven and earth, Oh' Lord hear my words, I ask can you forgive me for my sins I know I did and can you set me free to be renew in you in me.

Oh' Lord hear my words, hear my cry, my soul, my every heart beat that you set inside of me back in 1993, Oh' Lord hear my words, I am lost with out you, can you free me please oh' Lord king of kings, son of god the most high, lord and savior, lion and lamb, born to a virgin birth, died on the cross rested for three days and raised up on the third day and went to heaven to be with the father.

Oh' Lord hear my words I feel right now, give me freedom through salvation through my faith in you oh lord.

Forgive me oh please forgive me for all I did wrong, make me new in you, make me reborn, let me share you're words with the world so that they know you as I do too.

Oh' Lord I say praise to you from heaven and on earth you are the truth, the life the way you are everything in heaven and earth the seen and unseen, the felt and untouched truth, you're the ever last truth.

Oh' Lord hear these words.

The author's comments:

This song is about feeling like one failed and is seeing God through one's pain, thoughts, heart and words etc. This is coming from how I feel and so I decided to put it into words and I feel like everyone can relate to it.

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