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Land Of The Free?

June 24, 2014
By Springading SILVER, Macomb, Michigan
Springading SILVER, Macomb, Michigan
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"People say the greatest generation has come and gone, but their wrong... they haven't seen what were capable of" - Dan Campbell

We're on top of the world
First place in everything
But when it comes to the books and numbers
We're trampled by our enemies

Homeless? Sure! We've got that
Homicide seems like a normal act
Obesity rates are through the roof
So what is it now the keeps our minds aloof?

We can't have it all
But we sure can get close
Eye on the prize
Let's take another blow
15 to 30
In years that pass like weeks
That's ok we have a name
One we don't want to keep

They say mental health is the cause if it all
Bombings at races, shootings at the mall
Another murder trial? Boring
Is it OJ this time or Kasey Anthony?

Our neighbors in the north say "sorry"
To the south borders are heavy to our country
Some-billion-dollars in debt
But don't worry we still are the best

Land of the free
No discipline
Our startistics will agree
Woe is me
We're at an all time low
Listen to our petty plea

The author's comments:
Were the laughing stock on the western hemisphere

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