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The Coffee's Spilt

May 28, 2014
By ChristineK GOLD, SLC, Utah
ChristineK GOLD, SLC, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
“So the future seemed
To mingle with the past. For a short space
I saw revealed to the doubt the threads that bind
This little speck of time we call “To-day”
To the great cycle of unending life
That has been and that shall be evermore.”

The Coffee’s spilt.
It dripped, it, it splatted.
So deep into the paper,
it seeped,
the droplets burnt my feet.
The steam puffed into a
gaseous cloud,
a sizzle so crisp.
With it, the browed-bitter
smell arose.
Stained were the papers.
Stained were my sleeves.
Stained were the table’s legs
and center.
Though the droplets burned
my feet, I only fell back,
against my chair.
My pen dropped to the floor.
All the paper, the eloquent words
upon their surfaces,
tarnished and spread.
The ink drooled and pooled,
falling off the papers tanned
My fingertips gripped my palms.
My toes cringed, reacting
to the droplets’ burn.
The coffee spilt.

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