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December 27, 2013
By LunarBirth GOLD, Edinburg, Texas
LunarBirth GOLD, Edinburg, Texas
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Sing another song
Sing it like a prayer
What you're been hiding, all along
Hold up your saddest story, for a moment
Then let it go
Then please, think of me one last time...

Lose yourself in the woods and
The moon with her heavy graces
Will bless you
Will the ability to howl

let the raging oceans
pour out
(open like a lotus flower)
this is the only way to free your soul
so howl...

Everyday you dug deeper
'Till you hit a sink hole and
Your world just crumbled down
Burn your tears away
With the fires of another day
Then please, choose today to breathe...

We can rise above anything now
(open like a lotus flower)
Their words can't hold down
'Cause in and out we sour...

(Open like a lotus flower)
The sun will set but not today
It will have to find another way home

And in a beautiful way
we start to trust
and learn from the heart
and the wolves
how to howl...

I can rise above anything now
(I'll open like a lotus flower
and let my monarch wings unfold)
Their words can't hold me down
'Cause in and out I soar!

The author's comments:
It's about letting out your emotions so you can heal, instead of holding them in and staying stuck because of it.

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