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Border Line

July 19, 2013
By Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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Cross the border, cross the line.
Can you reach me? In time?
Can you see the fire? Burning in my eyes?
You just have to reach...
And cross the border line.

How many times? Do we have to wait?
Until we finally give ourselves to fate?
Do don’t you hear their screams?
They’re shrieking in my ears!
And all you have to do...
Is cross the border line.

(chorus) It’s right in reach...
Were right there at at the edge...
The edge.
All you have to do is cross it!
Cross the border line!
It’s right there in sight!
Cross the border line!
Don’t you dare look back!
Cross it...
Come to your calling...
Cross the border line.

I don’t believe you when you say it’s not in reach
I don’t believe you when you say we’ll never make it
Can’t you see? Ain't it obvious? It’s right in reach
Right in reach...
Just take the step...
Open your eyes...
Can you see?
The border line.

(chorus) Because I can! And I know that you can!
If you just could see! That it is right within reach!
And believe, that we can do it... We can make it!
We can do it!
We can cross this border line! Together!
It’s right in reach...
Were on the edge! We can take the leap of faith now!
All you have to do is cross it!

And it is so plain to see...
The border line.
But I guess it’s just me this time...
(I’m going over the edge!)
Won’t you save me?

But I don’t dare look back...
Because if I do...
I’ll lose sight...
Of... The border line.

The author's comments:
This is for Ally Condie, the match series. I have written a bunch of songs for the Matched Trilogy, this is one of those songs! Enjoy!

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