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March 8, 2013
By chica_leah BRONZE, Springfield, Vermont
chica_leah BRONZE, Springfield, Vermont
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I cannot feel you here
Oh, but I need you
To save me from myself
Don't leave me here all alone
Oh, please, don't leave me
You were here, in my heart
But I know, you are gone
Oh, please I'm crying out to you.
I watched you walk out of my life
Into a place where you could hide
You stole my life, my heart, my soul
And now I know I can't be whole
I wanted love, your hand to hold
Your voice to calm, my aching soul
My Saving Grace, The missing piece
The one to make, my life complete
I was wrapped, around your soul
I gave my all, you made me whole
But all it was, all along
Was some big game,
That left me scarred
Oh, why, did you leave me...
I should have seen, in your eyes
Who you were, why you stayed
Now I know, I see the truth
My heart felt love, while yours was stone

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